Holidays Made Easy // What to Eat

Desserts to cook during the holidays.

This week, I’ve got you covered for everything you need during the holidays. What to eat, what to make, and what to wear. You’ll be the queen of all that is Christmas! The holidays are the perfect time for cooking and baking. Each year, I take time to turn on my holiday music, light some candles, put on my red apron, and spend time cooking with love. This year, make the classic holiday dessert: gingerbread cookies. Continue Reading

The Most Wonderful Time of Year

Get in the holiday spirit with these 10 things to do in December.

The holiday season is officially in full force! This is my absolute favorite time of the year. Yes, the warm summer months are great but to me, nothing beats the holiday spirit. So much joy and cheer to be shared. This is the time to surround yourself with love and family, spread kindness, and embrace the giving spirit. Get in the holiday spirit with 10 things to do in December. Continue Reading