Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti

Throw kindness around like confetti and how to be kind.

Guess what? It’s World Kindness Day! This is officially my new favorite national day.

World Kindness Day is internationally observed on November 13th every year. It was introduced in 1998 by the World Kindness Movement, a coalition of nations kindness NGOs. Today is a global 24-hour celebration dedicated to paying-it-forward, focusing on the good, and throwing kindness around like confetti.

Today we’ll see quotes on Instagram and some random acts of kindness. But kindness deserves more than one day — it deserves attention every single day. In a world of cyber bullying and horrific events in the news every few days, our world needs all the kindness we can give it. This is something I believe so strongly about, and I cherish organizations and people who spread kindness through our world. It’s a beautiful thing and it’s contagious.

Here’s just a few ways to do kindness:

Give compliments generously

This takes approximately 11 seconds and can make someone’s entire day. Don’t you feel special when someone compliments you? Tell your coworker they totally nailed their project, compliment your barista’s hair, let a stranger know their outfit is chic AF, and say thank you (as much as possible).

Be kind to yourself

You deserve kindness too! The feeling of not being enough is an epidemic. So many people have an inner monologue of awful things they wouldn’t dare say to someone else, so why is it okay to say it to yourself? Every day say something nice to yourself, out loud. This sounds weird but saying it out loud makes it resonate more strongly. And just be a little nicer to yourself! You’re doing great. Which leads in perfectly to my next point…

Remember, everyone is doing the best they can

I learned this from my incredible mom. I used to get frustrated when I thought people weren’t doing as well as I thought they could, and she so wisely told me that people are just doing the best they can. Even when you think they can do better, they are doing what they can. So show some kindness and encouragement when needed, and cut people some slack.

Imagine a world where everyone was just 1% kinder. Think about the snowball effect of that. I challenge all of you to embrace that world and just be a little more kind.


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