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We all have those days and those weeks where we “just can’t even.” And last week was one of those weeks for me. It was busy and crappy and had complications that were out of my control. But we have to remain calm and classy through it all even when we really want to scream. So how do you fake it till the end of the day when you can finally put on your sweats and grab a glass of wine?

Excuse yourself for a minute

There is no reason that your coworkers need to see you sweat, especially if you are in a leadership position. So take a minute and pull yourself together girl! Go for a quick walk outside, grab coffee or tea, or just sit at your desk and focus on your breathing. Pro tip: exhale longer than you inhale while you are breathing — it psychologically calms you down.

Talk to a confidant

I know this one could be controversial to some of you but from my experience, it really helps. Sometimes when you’re having a bad day, you just need someone to tell you how freaking awesome you are and maybe even give you another perspective on the situation. Confidant is a aggressive word, I just mean anyone who you trust and would want to talk to. For me, AKA Ben and my mom.

Treat yourself when you get home

Treating yourself doesn’t exclusively mean having some fro-yo or wine, but I definitely support those choices! It could be anything that relaxes you: reading a book, taking a bubble bath, yoga, cooking with your significant other, pouring that glass of wine, running. Whatever it is, DO IT. You freaking deserve it.

Remember that tomorrow is a brand new day

The great thing about life is that no matter what happened the day before, the sun rises again and you have a new day ahead of you. Yes, I’m aware that’s totally cliche and a little eww but it’s true and it’s nice to remember when you have had some rough days. Get up the next day, drink some coffee, put on your lipstick, and kick some ass!

This is how I handle stress and my bad days. I would love to hear what works for you guys.


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