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Lattes & the Lovely Life

Lattes & the Lovely Life

Okay sometimes old habits die hard… I was in a rush the other morning and when I went to my closet, I went straight for my fail safe black blouse. I know it’s spring but sometimes I just need something easy! Paired with these super comfy Paige jeans and a great necklace, I was ready to roll.

Everyone has those mornings when you don’t feel like “trying” but you have to. This was one of those days.


So you don’t feel like trying in the morning. Here is my fail safe recipe:


1) Neutral Blouse
2) Dark Denim
3) “Look At Me I Tried” Heels
4) A Statement Necklace


Boom. Totally put together outfit and you only had to think about 4 things from head to toe!┬áNow worry about your hair and makeup…


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